Who are we?

The Trade Commission of Peru in London promotes investment, tourism, and the expansion of business relationships between Peru, United Kingdom and Ireland. We are part of Promperu, a Government promotion agency with the responsibility to ensure the growth of Peruvian companies internationally. We do this through our global network of 30 offices to support businesses in over 50 countries.

What do we do?

We provide tailored services and support to businesses in trade, investments, and tourism, looking to expand their operations globally. We help them increase their international reach by connecting them to other businesses in the United Kingdom and Ireland. We also connect international and domestic investors with opportunities in Peru.

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Our main responsibilities:

  • Strengthening of business relationships between Peru, the United Kingdom, and Ireland.
  • Open and consolidate new markets for Peruvian products and services.
  • Provide customized services and support for companies looking to go global.
  • Connect Peruvian companies with British and Irish counterparts.
  • Assist British and Irish companies looking to trade and invest in Peru.
  • Identify the best markets for Peruvian products and services.
  • Research market trends and changes and provide information to companies, so they can make sharper, more informed business decisions.
  • Organise various activities to consolidate the presence of Peru the United Kingdom and Ireland.
  • Strengthen and expand the presence of British and Irish investors in Peru.
  • Promote Peru as an incredible tourist destination.

The Team


Ricardo Romero


Andrés Duany

Business Development Manager


Jonathan Perea

Office Manager & Business Development Specialist


Julián Valladares

Business Development Specialist

Oliver Wroe

Trade Analyst

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