Art Crafts, Jewellery
& Furniture

The astounding techniques ancient cultures applied are still being used and adapt by artists today. The result is pieces that have reached a perfection state such as Chulucanas ceramics, painted glass, textiles, portable altars (retablos), and jewellery, all hand-made and representing the cultural expressions of the different regions of the country.

Artisan tradition

Peru has a millenary culture; a vast wealth that remains preserved and expresses itself through the hands and creativity of its artisans. The pieces are associated to their own styles, as well as to techniques adapted to the new market trends.

It is estimated that about 100,000 artisan workshops exist in Peru employing more than 500,000 people. Thus, it is possible to find a mosaic of products of a wide variety of colours that differentiate among themselves depending on the regional identity and the creativity of their makers. The production processes of some objects have been mechanised but they still conserve the essence of tradition.

Commitment to Sustainability

The Peruvian Art Craft, Jewellery and Furniture sector players are highly-committed to comply with international sourcing and processing sustainability standards. Their understanding and applications of these measures are constantly monitored by national governing bodies and international organisations.

Main products:


Wooden furniture




Silver jewelry


Artisan textiles


Decorative objects




Traditional and contemporary ceramics


Painted glass


White, shining, ductile and malleable, a little harder than gold but softer than copper, silver is a mineral which due to its relative abundance in Peru has given place to the development of an artistic production of extraordinary aesthetic purity, diversity, and richness.

Building on the legacy of the ancient Peruvians, silver jewellery has become a very dynamic sector in recent years. Its catalogue consists of designs and models that not only emerge out of the creative originality of local artists but also respond and adapt to the requirements of the international trends.

The production of this artisan category comprises the creation of unique pieces decorated with gemstones and semi-precious stones. The main kinds of jewels made include bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and other accessories.


Anyone who has the opportunity to watch the production of furniture and decorative objects made out of wood will appreciate the detailed work put on by the Peruvian artisans who elaborate them. Beds, tables, and cupboards turn into objects that, though remaining utilitarian, are truly works of art.

They are hand-made out of several tropical woods obtained through extraction processes, which secure the sustainable management of forests. These woods are characterised by their length, density, and resistance.

Peru is implementing a strategy aimed at diversifying the use of lumber species and thus increasing the availability of products for the international market. Besides cedar and mahogany, 32 other timber species have been identified as alternatives, such as cachimbo, capirona, copaiba, tornillo, and South American sapote.