Why source from Peru?

1. Top quality products that exceed expectations

Peru is considered a key global supplier of a wide range of primary and value-added products. Increased sophisticated foreign demand has driven Peru’s exportable offer to develop comparative advantages and increase suppliers’ capabilities to reach and exceed global standards of quality. Peru’s growing competitiveness in global markets is fuelled by the country’s continuous integration into global value chains, which perpetuates innovation and improves efficiency.

2. Reliable suppliers with international experience

Peruvian manufacturers, producers and suppliers have been successfully serving the northern hemisphere all year-round with desired high-value products. Most of Peruvian exporters are well-integrated into global value and supply chains and have the capacity to cope with tight deadlines, and bespoke orders.

3. Lima is an internationally recognised trade hub with modern infrastructure

Given its geographical location and dynamic economy, Peru is in a good position to become one of the region’s primary trade hubs. The economy driven by sound fiscal and monetary policies opened its doors to promote free trade and the advancement of globalisation processes.

4. Ever growing capabilities for international standardisation and certification

Peruvian exporters heavily invest in the expansion of their production capabilities, thus understand the competitive advantages that international certifications can provide. To ensure reliability and transparency, suppliers along the value chain designate explicit effort to meet the criteria for global standards.

Peruvian Products by Region

Bilateral Trade

Here you will find information on the bilateral trade relationship between Peru, UK and Ireland.

Services offered

The Trade Commission of Peru to the UK and Ireland offers the following services:

  • General analysis of the UK and Ireland’s markets.
  • Organization of specific promotion activities in the local market, such as fairs, exhibitions, trade missions, market research and other promotional activities.
  • Assistance to Peruvian companies and institutions through the provision of information on local markets and business opportunities, conducting market studies, providing information on requirements and access regulations.
  • Assistance in the making and development of trade missions, visits to potential buyers, among others, as long as the request is filed at least two months in advance.
  • Provide information about the Peruvian exportable offer to importers, buyers and / or local distributors, as well as on exporting companies or consortia.
  • Assistance to British and Irish companies and individuals interested in investing in Peru.
  • Provide information to companies, business associations, public and academic institutions in commercial matters, investments and tourism.
  • Provide support in all commercial promotion, investment and tourism activities in coordination with business associations and related public institutions.